Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mom and Apple Pi(e)

March 14th. My mother died on this day in 1992. Today, March 14, 2013, I learned about Pi Day ( and am happy to know there is something else going on in the world (much like St. Patrick's Day and my mother's funeral sharing the same date...and on that note, I'm sure my mom was proud of me today having my first Irish car bomb during work hours ~ well, pseudo-Irish car bomb because the bimbo bartender at the scary neighborhood bar a few doors down from my office didn't know what we were talking about and didn't have the necessary ingredients as listed on the Google search my resourceful friend did...we enjoyed them nonetheless... I was annoyed at first by this National Pi Day because who made this crap up? I mean, if the math teacher wants to engage my son in learning, then bring in your own damn pie, don't ask kids to bring in round food. (To be fair, the assignment was to bring in something round, and my husband made the cupcakes...he is, as I always say, a better mother than I am. If I had been awake last night for this craziness, I would have suggested going to the garage for a hula hoop and calling it a day.) I mean, I learned about pi at some point and retained it well enough to recall it had something to do with 3.14 (never dreaming that anyone would have made March 14th related to pi) and no one ever made a party in my math class, honors or not. I was relieved to learn that National Pi Day was only recently invented, as in within my seventh-grader's lifetime. Still, I think it's ridiculous for kids to be bringing in pizzas and pies and cupcakes and round brownies and G-d knows what else (and eating it!) to school. But I never claimed to be the fun parent. So, Happy National Pi Day, and thank you Pi people for lightening up what is always a difficult day for me. To infinity and beyond! as Buzz would say...oh, wait, does pi have anything to do with infinity? Maybe I better go check out their website...math was never my best subject, and the website does look very cool : )

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